An Empowering Roadmap to Personal Freedom


My mission is to help others empower themselves to create harmony within themselves and in their relationships by moving past their obstacles to the freedom of letting go.

Let It Go

What obstacle is preventing you from experiencing joy?


The good news is that when we hold on to a difficult challenge, we can work through it and LET IT GO!  But how? How can we manage what seems to control us? We can regain control by taking charge of our thoughts, our responses, and our emotions which determine our actions.

Letting it go means that we take responsibility for our own life instead of trying to fix or change someone else's. When we accept that we have the ability to question our perceptions and the free will to make our own decisions and to take appropriate action -- we are no longer a victim. We are empowered!


Reclaim you

Reclaiming one's life means achieving release from such issues as:

                              • negative childhood memories

                              • anger with our parents and others

                              • fears, guilt or regrets

                              • insecurities or betrayal issues

                              • anguish from relationship breakups

                              • perfectionism

                              • job-related issues 

How do I know? I lived my entire life struggling to release negative emotions that influenced how I responded to people and events. Until I learned how to question my fears and insecurities for a new perspective and a happier life, they showed up as repeating patterns disguised as different people or camouflaged in different situations.

I finally understood the meaning of Albert Einstein's famous quote of "doing  the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

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