An Empowering Roadmap to Personal Freedom



1. Understand Cause and Effect

The world consists of energy and for every action there is a reaction. When we extend kindness, kindness will be returned. When we commit negative acts, we will experience the consequences. We have free will. What we do, what we say, or how we respond to a person or situation is a choice we make.

2. Know Yourself
Personality impacts thinking, behavior, and interactions with others. The most comprehensive and accurate system for learning about the nine core personality types is the Enneagram. It crosses all gender and cultural lines and teaches the motivations behind each type. Knowing yourself and learning about others is a key step in creating harmonious relationships. (See Personality Types for a brief introduction and resources.)

3. Examine Your Perceptions
Thinking drives perception which drives behavior. When we see from a broader perspective, we see more clearly. Many factors drive thinking. When something negative comes up, we need to ask: “What is really going on here?” We need to question our perceptions for a new perspective. Self-inquiry is vital in understanding our thinking and becoming empowered.
4. Increase Your Self-worth
How we see ourselves reaches into every area of life. It influences decisions, reactions, and behavior. It impacts  relationships, families, and careers. It shapes the present and molds the future. Working through disturbing experiences is essential for healing. Through self-inquiry we can then get to the truth of who we really are – valuable human beings!

*  *  *  *  *  *

Choose Freedom! When we understand that working on ourselves empowers us to use free will in making choices, a new attitude and dynamic sets us on a new course. From that place, we become more compassionate with ourselves, with others, and with the challenges we need to reconcile. From that place we can take ourselves through a deeper process to truly Let it Go!